How to Utilize Medical Transcription Services

Medical professionals are required to keep detailed notes of each patient’s visit. This makes it easier for you to treat the patient in the future and can help prevent future insurance problems. A 2018 study by the Physicians Foundation discovered that the average primary care physician sees 20 patients each day and works 51 hours per week. Doctors also said that the majority of their time is spent doing paperwork. Many doctors are choosing to outsource their transcription needs to cut down on this paperwork.

The Importance of Detailed Notes

It is common for patients to see multiple providers within one practice. The diagnosis of medical conditions, results of medical tests, prescriptions and referrals to outside specialists often happen at each appointment. During the next appointment, a patient may see a different doctor than the one who treated the patient on a prior visit. Understanding the full picture of a patient’s health requires knowing their history.

This is why detailed notes are so important. Medical professionals must record everything that happened with the patient during the visit so that future medical providers can properly treat the patient. Without these notes, a patient could potentially receive a misdiagnosis or be prescribed improper medications.

Even single-practicing doctors must rely on notes. The Annals of Family Medicine reported that the average doctor has 2,300 patients in their load; remembering details of all of these patients is impossible. Notes make it possible for every doctor to best treat each of their patients.

Maximize Time with Patients

Unfortunately, detailed notes take time. Waiting too long to write the notes can mean forgetting important details that could be detrimental to a patient’s health. Because of a heavy patient load, doctors often must choose between seeing patients and updating the health history of their patients.

Minimize the At-Load Workload

Finding a work-life balance is critical for physicians. Being able to relax at home with family and friends is necessary for an enjoyable life. Relaxing without worrying about work gives many medical professionals the break they need to give their best self to each of their patients. When doctors bring their work home with them, using the time at home to write notes, burnout may result.

Options for Visit Notes

To maximize time with patients and minimize work at home, doctors have a few options for recording visit notes. They may quickly write or type while visiting with the patient, they can utilize an assistant to take the notes or they can record the visit into an audio device to be transcribed at a later time.

Utilizing Transcription Services

There are many medical transcription services available that can help transcribe a doctor’s audio recording. Outsourcing medical recordings can give a personal touch to medical notes, free up office personnel to complete other tasks and provide accurate notes. Some studies have found transcription services’ have a higher accuracy rate than speech recognition software. This can cut down on the time a doctor must spend proofreading notes.

Technology has made utilizing these services simple. Doctors can choose a medical transcription service provider that best works for their practice. The audio from each appointment can be recorded onto the doctor’s secure device and then uploaded. Return times vary. Proofreading is included as a part of the service and some services will upload the transcribed notes into the appropriate system.

As the demand for doctors continues to increase, it is critical that medical practices function efficiently. Keeping detailed notes and being able to share a complete medical history with providers in the practice can help doctors make the most of their time and give patients the medical treatment and attention they need.

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