We are often puzzled about choosing the right bed or mattress. It is the same with pillows. With so many commercials on bedding items, we often choose the wrong product or something expensive but not great quality.It’s really helpful to see mattressmatchers.com because they really help people decide what to get for the best price by reviewing mattresses. Otherwise, I’d focus on sleeping on an organic mattress. It’s healthier to purchase organic mattress, innovative, and it will not damaging your health!


It’s eco-friendly

This type of mattress is designed to be made of natural materials, and it has no toxic things that harm us. It also has no synthetics or chemicals too.

This means your skin and whole body will rest and breathe nicely on this kind of mattress.


It adjusts to temperature

Another benefit is that during the summertime you will not sweat a lot.

I used to wake up all sweaty on the mattress, but with eco-friendly materials, in the summer you are cooled, and in the winter time the body gets warmer on this bed.


For those of you with health issues

If you have allergies of any kind, you want to be careful on what you put your skin. The least you need is rash or sneezing and coughing night after night.

I needed to invest in my health first, not just sleep. With an organic mattress, I had clearer skin, and my breathing problems were gone.

Remember this – such a mattress is amazing for moms and their babies too. Even children and toddlers, it doesn’t matter.

This product doesn’t damage health; in fact, it helps in removing some health issues.

What materials are used in organic mattresses?


No chemicals or toxins for sure

Most of the time, the mix is a blend of organic cotton and wool too. Sometimes you can even find organic latex which works just fine.

Now, it is expected that these would cost a bit more than other mattresses, but can we put a price on health and quality?



The longest lasting mattresses of this kind are those of organic latex.

When this is compared to other types or not organic, probably the life span here is half a century. So, 50 years is quite a long time I’d say.

Investing in such a product was worth the price, now I know I have something long-lasting and great quality.


Some other benefits of sleeping on an organic mattress…

No more worries for the dust mites. These little things are everywhere and can be found everywhere, but not with a naked eye. This just means better hygiene and less serious allergies.

To add to this, I have to say I was pleased to see that this mattress is not retaining moisture from sweating for example, so there is less bacteria from this too.

And let me tell you about the firmness. It can be adjusted to your needs! Most brands offer customized mattresses of this kind – can it get more perfect?

And, even the little ones can sleep well too. Why not choose this for the baby’s bed or crib?

If it’s safe for them, it’s safe for everyone.

About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is the holistic certified homeopathic practitioner of Immedicenter, a medical primary care/urgent care clinic located in Clifton, NJ He works with the patients in the clinics alongside his own growing, global private practice clientele. Ariel also provides homeopathic treatment at another office in Teaneck, NJ and also offer telehealth homeopathic sessions globally.

He is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of naturalholistichomeopathic.com, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. ​He is also a contributor to various other health blogs and magazines as well as the NY Producer for the Vibrant Living Network.

To learn more about Ariel and his practice or to schedule an appointment, call/text Ariel directly at (646) 596-1884 or via email at refuahhomeopathy@gmail.com

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