You’ve probably either heard or read about Meditation already. In the past, you might have chosen to practice it, or like a few others, you chose not to. As a pregnant woman, deliberately making out time for Meditation benefits you in not little ways. 


Meditation comes highly recommended as one of the best ways you can take proper care of yourself as a pregnant woman, and it requires little effort. By carrying this act out for a few minutes every day, you’re creating for yourself an aura of tranquility. 

Meditate Your Way through Pregnancy

Studies have shown that a depreciated state of wellbeing for you as a pregnant woman is very common. However, very few proffer a solution than the one already known – but less applied – which is Meditation. Studies have also shown that Meditation during pregnancy paints a different outlook on pregnancy; It was discovered and recommended that meditating during pregnancy gives you a unique balance of stress relief and relaxation during your supposed 9 months of intense pain and unending stress. Research has also proven Meditation to be of true essence to you as an expecting mother and the child, due to the therapeutic value it offers. 

Take Charge of your Body and Mind During Pregnancy 

Have you ever felt energy sapped to the extent that pregnancy seemed a burden? It’s very normal to feel tired, especially during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy due to hormonal changes. But this situation can easily be controlled if you put into action the various meditation techniques. Making time out for a 10 minutes meditation session daily stirs up a balance in your mind, thereby easing you of the weight of tiredness. Fix your mind on what you’re grateful for and give yourself a positive distraction from your present state of exhaustion.

The Essence of Meditation to Pregnant Women

Meditation at home

1. Meditation as an aide to channeling your concentration: Meditation helps you shut yourself out from any form of distraction whatsoever. Be it in a noisy environment or in a discouraging atmosphere you don’t feel comfortable in. In similitude to how parents trust a kids walker to help their children walk without falling, Meditation is a trusted way to trigger your inner concentration. 

2. Meditation for sleep: In a few cases, it was observed insomnia was a result of pregnancy. It brings about restlessness at night. Researchers have proven that the more you meditate, the more likely you will get more sleep during pregnancy. It is essential both for you (the expecting mother) and the baby.

3. Meditation Makes Room for A Deeper Mother-to-Child Bond: this provides the answer to the question of how does Meditation works in creating a cohesive mother-to-child bond. A calm and tranquil atmosphere encourages visualized communication between you and your unborn child. It creates room for you as a mother to observe your baby’s every little movement, and it also gives you a platform to speak sweet words to your unborn child.

4. Meditation Eases Tension: This is the most important amongst the benefits of Meditation. Meditation aids the body by ensuring a steady and even heart rate, which causes ease both mentally and physically. A mother’s relaxed body also results in a relaxed baby.

Meditation: The Right Way

1. Strike a meditation pose (Sit or lie down).

2. Close your eyes.

3. Inhale five cleansing breath via your nostrils and exhale via your mouth. 

4. The exhaled breath should be lengthy but not rushed. 

5. Breathe in peace and breath out depression, anxiety, and tension.

6. Ensure your baby is curled in every inhaled breath.

7. Connect with your baby vibration with love. 

8. Redo the steps thrice. 


Meditation to you as a pregnant woman is like a priceless jewel. So go ahead and try it. You will be so glad you did. Have you ever meditated on anything and you wish to share? Kindly leave us a comment below.

About the author

Betti Wilson

Betti Wilson is a budding gynecologist presently undergoing her residency at the prestigious Medical College of Arizona. She is a strong advocate for Meditation During Pregnancy. She has an awareness program she runs to enlighten pregnant women on the essence of Meditation.

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