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Across the world, interest in natural medicine is greater than ever before. As more and more people begin to realize the limitations and costs of modern medicine, alternatives become increasingly appealing. There are many methods of healing and since ancient times, the best medicine has always come from the plant kingdom, so let’s discuss the benefits of naturopathic medicine for your family.

Natural Medicine Is Free

Once you decide to start learning about the various natural medicines in the world, you should start by learning about the plants in your locality. This research may not be easy because every area has a different array of plants. Thus, you will need to look up localized information. For instance, you might look for a book or website that shows the most common wild plants in your state or region.

Whether you go with wild plants or cultivate your own, natural medicine has the potential to be completely free. You will pay for it with a little bit of time and effort, but it won’t necessarily cost you any money. You can grow your own medicine with the same ease that you can grow food. In fact, many plants can function as both!

Even if you are not able to grow your own medicinal plants, they don’t tend to be all that expensive. There are many herbal suppliers and shops that offer generous deals when it comes to quantity. Thus, you will still be looking at something that is much cheaper than modern medicine.

Natural Medicine Is (Usually) Safe

We should caution you to be careful in the early stages of your education. When you are still new to the practice of naturopathic medicine, you need to be aware that nature is full of poisonous plants. In many cases, these poisonous plants will resemble those that are edible or useful.

For instance, Queen Anne’s Lace (a useful and edible plant) looks very similar to Water Hemlock (an extremely poisonous plant). If you don’t understand the subtle differences (Queen Anne’s Lace is taller and has more leaves), you can literally end up dead. That’s just one example that illustrates the potential dangers.

At the same time, natural medicines are perfectly safe when used correctly. Most commercial medicines are just highly-concentrated versions of medicinal plants. As such, they tend to be less strong in their effects. This means that naturopathic medicines will generally work slower, but with a much greater safety margin. Just make sure that you do your research thoroughly, identify the plant with 100% certainty, and test with tiny amounts before trying a large dose.

Herbal medicines tend to be a lot less potent than their pharmaceutical counterparts, as most commercial medicines are just concentrated mixtures of plant extracts.

Natural Medicine Is Often Supported By Science

As you probably know, natural medicine involving herbs and the like is mankind’s oldest form of medicine. It dates back to the earliest ages of the human race, so it shouldn’t be surprising that modern science has often been able to prove its effectiveness.

As an example, let’s consider a common medicine called aspirin. Aspirin is actually a compound called acetylsalicylic acid. To make this compound, they combine salicylic acid with acetic anhydride. This may sound like a bunch of artificial ingredients, but salicylic acid is a natural substance found within the bark of the willow tree.

Native tribes in North America learned long ago that willow-bark tea was an effective pain reliever, and it contains the same active ingredient as over-the-counter aspirin. The OTC aspirin has simply been treated with acetic anhydride to increase its shelf life. Thus, it is nothing more than a slightly altered version of a naturopathic remedy.

Another example we should consider is CBD, a chemical compound extracted from the Cannabis plant. You can get CBD softgels 900mg that give you a concentrated dose of this helpful substance. Research has shown it to be helpful for the reduction of pain, anxiety, and depression. As Cannabis becomes less regulated, this remedy will probably become more commonly available and less expensive.


Naturopathic medicine has become more widespread than ever, and there are plenty of reasons behind this fact. People want something that is a little bit more natural to handle those common maladies, and many people have risen to meet the demand. Naturopathic medicine can enrich your health in all kinds of ways. As long as you take care to avoid the pitfalls (which are few), it can enrich your health in all kinds of ways.

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