Xylitol natural sweeteners, especially made from Birch Tree syrup, is the best natural sweetener to buy as an alternative to regular sugar. See how here:

Xylitol Sweetener: My Top Natural Sugar Product!

4.11.2015 | 20:07

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Product: Morning Pep Xylitol Natural Sweetener

Price: Around $15.00-$30.00, depending on the weight of the pack.

Cheapest Place to Buy:  with Prime shipping!.

Guarantee: Confirmed by clinical research

Tested: 4.5/5 stars on Amazon by almost 435 Amazon buyers

My Rating: 9.7/10


Sugar: A Natural, Hopefully Minor Part of Our Diet

Whether we realize it or not, sugar is either directly or indirectly a part of our diet. Whether it’s through consuming sweet tasting fruits like dates, or using regular sugar in our cups of coffee or tea, we usually consume sugar on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that sometimes we need to consume sugar for energy, moderation is needed. As we all know, an overconsumption of sugar is not healthy for us, yet sometimes a but of sugar for a cup of coffee is fine.

As a matter of fact, it is a matter of dispute among researchers and medical experts as to how “bad” sugar is for us. Some say that as along as it’s consumed moderately, it’s fine, and sometimes, it’s even okay to “pig in” on sweets and sugary foods once a week.

Others however believe that sugar should be as avoided as possible,  and the more limited one’s consumption is, the better.

According to the World Health Organization, it is recommended to only intake sugar as 10% of one’s total energy intake.


Beware: Sugar May Be More Unhealthy Than You Think


Despite the medical dispute, there is substantial research demonstrating the fact that the everyday Avoid regular sugar and pick the best, natural sweetener as a healthier alternative: sugar we buy and use can have a negative effect on our health. These studies do not necessarily reflect the sugars found in natural foods like fruits, but they nonetheless confirm that manufactured, refined sugar can be detrimental.

Manufactured, refined sugars have been shown to:

  • potentially lead to diabetes
  • cause diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • lower our HDL cholesterol in our body, which can cause heart problems
  • directly lead to tooth decay
  • sugar addiction


Again, some of the above points are still subject to debate. But let’s be serious…

Would you want to risk your health for a transient sugary pleasure??



Xylitol Sweeteners: The Natural Substitute

Instead of risking a deterioration in your health, use a more healthy, natural sweetener for your coffee, cookies, and other beverages and foods.

What type of sweetener am I talking about? Xylitol sweeteners!

Xylitol is a clinically proven sugar alcohol substance that has been using in a variety of products such as nasal sprays and toothpastes.

Since the late 60s, it has been researched, tested, consumed, and enjoyed by thousands, and when used, it has been shown to clean your teeth much better, destroy nasal bacteria that most nasal sprays fail to do, as well as decrease the heath risks found in consuming or using other non-xylitol products:



In short, it simply allows you to live healthier while still [moderately] enjoying the things we like.


Which Xylitol Sugar Product Should You Pick?


Morning Pep's xylitol natural sweetener is one of the most unique ones out there. Click here to see why:There are many great quality xylitol sugar products out there such as Xlear. These products share the same characteristics such as non-GMO, all-natural, organic, etc.

However, out all xylitol sugars I’ve checked out, I saw that Morning Pep’s Xylitol Natural Sweetener stuck out.

When I first checked out this xylitol sugar online, I thought it was like all other sugars. It’s non-GMO, made from pure Birch syrup xylitol [some xylitol sugars are actually made artificially], low calorie, and has a very low Glycemic index.

But, when I examined it deeper I saw that Morning Pep’s xylitol natural sweetener is/has:

  • kosher**
  • vegetarian and made without any animal products
  • can help with weight loss
  • does not have an aftertaste
  • wheat, gluten, soy, and dairy free**
  • one of the only, if not, the only xylitol sweetener made in the USA. Not like other xylitol product that are made in Asian countries.
  • 40% less calories than regular sugar
  • looks and tastes EXACTLY like sugar
  • safe for diabetics**
  • 75% fewer carbohydrates
  • allergen free
  • safe for tooth and even fights plaque**

That's all. Made from 100% Pure Birch Xylitol. No Artificial Crap. No Preservatives. Nuttin' but good ole pure birch. Check out Morning Pep's xylitol sugar now:

Now, even for a xylitol sugar, thats a lot of nutritional benefits!

Most xylitol sweeteners are not kosher, all natural, sugar free, made in the USA, or have most or any of the above mentioned pluses like Morning Pep. Simply put, it’s almost unmatched


Cons: $$$

Quality-wise, this is a tremendous natural sugar product. But honestly, it is a bit more pricy than other xylitol sugars.

Other xylitol sweeteners can easily go for between $8.00-$14.00. As awesome as Morning Pep is, it does cost more than your average xylitol natural sweetener.

That being said, those sweeteners that are cheaper also come in smaller bags and are usually not as good of a nutritional or taste quality as Morning Pep.


Final Verdict

Despite the price, I still would choose Morning Pep’s xylitol sweetener as my number one choice. Though it is less popular than other brands, it outdoes it’s competition in quality and quantity.

And, considering it’s tremendous benefits, you may even save more money with this brand than others, considering it can better protect your teeth by fight plaque, as well as being safe for diabetics.

It tastes just as good as sugar, even in equal measurements to regular sugar. And it’s one of the few kosher xylitol products that are purely 100% from birch xylitol.


I hope you found this article to be interesting and informative.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to simply leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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